Customers can pay for purchases using either Mastercard or VISA, which are the Accepted Credit/Debit Cards ie the “Accepted Credit Card”. Please see below for information on when a purchase made using an accepted credit card and on when the cost of the purchase is debited.

Policy on Credit Card Payments

For goods or services purchased using an accepted credit card, the customer’s credit card will be debited the full invoice value of the goods or services including any packing, handling and delivery charges plus GST on the the day the goods are due to be dispatched. If the credit card payment is declined, the goods will not be dispatched.

The customer will then be notified that the credit card payment was declined. Until such time as the customer’s credit card can be debited with the full invoice value of the goods, or an alternative payment method is arranged, the goods will be held for the customer by BioNovus Life Sciences at our premises.