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Quality recombinant proteins you can count on

Creative BioMart is a supplier of high quality recombinant proteins, antibodies, antigens, enzymes and ELISA assays to the researchers in biology, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical drug development and related fields.

Creative BioMart have available 1,000’s of recombinant proteins, peptides and antibodies. All their products are rigorously tested to meet the most demanding research needs.

Research areas covered by the Creative BioMart products:

Cancer Cardiovascular Cell Biology
• Cancer metabolism proteins • Vasculature proteins • Apoptosis proteins
• Cell cycle proteins • Angiogenesis proteins • Cell cycle proteins
• Drug resistance proteins • Atherosclerosis proteins • Proteolysis ubiquitin proteins
• Growth factor proteins • Blood proteins • Cell type marker proteins
• Cancer immunology proteins • Heart proteins •Subcellular marker proteins
Chromatin and nuclear proteins Developmental Biology Immunology
• Chromatin binding proteins • Embryogenesis proteins • Adaptive immunity proteins
• Chromatin modifying enzyme proteins • Lineage specific proteins • Immune intervention proteins
• Chromatin remodeling proteins • Organogenesis proteins • Immune system disease proteins
• DNA methylation proteins • Post embryonic development proteins • Immunoglobulin proteins
  • Reproduction proteins • CD proteins
Microbiology Neuroscience Signal Transduction
• Antimicrobial proteins • Cell adhesion proteins • Adapter proteins
• Interspecies interaction proteins • Endocrine system proteins • Cytoskeleton/ECM proteins
• Organism proteins • Neurology process proteins • Growth factors/hormone proteins
• Pathogenic microorganism proteins • Neuropharmacology proteins • Protein phosphorylation
  • Neurotransmission proteins • Protein trafficking
Stem Cells GPCR Nuclear Receptor
• Endothelial progenitor proteins • Rhodopsin-like receptor proteins • Thyroid hormone receptor like proteins
• Mesenchymal stem cell proteins • Secretin receptor family proteins • Retinoid X receptor like proteins
• Neural stem cell proteins • Metabotrophic glutamate receptor proteins • Estrogen receptor like proteins
• Cancer stem cell proteins • Frizzled proteins • Nerve growth factor IB-like proteins
• Embryonic stem cell proteins   • Steriodogenic factor-like proteins