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flashBAC™ is a one step high throughput Baculovirus based protein expression platform

flashBAC™ Baculovirus Expression System

When it comes to recombinant protein production there are several variants of the flashBAC baculovirus expression technology available. Each of our flashBAC categories contain different genetic modifications with the purpose of increasing protein yields for specific protein targets. For secreted and membrane targeted proteins try GOLD or ULTRA and for intracellular VLPs we recommend PRIME.

  • flashBAC™ – Original, good for general purpose expression
  • flashBACGOLD – Chitinase and cathepsin genes deleted, ideal for secreted proteins
  • flashBACULTRA – Lacks non essential genes to enhance cell stability late in infection
  • flashBACPRIME – Essentially a wild-type genome, superior for producing some VLP’s

The flashBAC technology is also highly flexible thanks to its compatibility with a wide variety of transfer vectors.

What is the flashBAC™ Baculovirus Expression System?

The flashBAC expression system utilises DNA from the baculovirus genome that has been genetically optimized to function as a recombinant protein expression vector. The system offers high yields of quality protein, is easy to use and is also back compatible with most transfer vectors based on homologous recombination. In this way the flashBAC™ system has become the expression of choice for those needing optimal protein expression in insect cells, and increasingly in mammalian cells via the BacMAM system. The genetic modifications not only prevent parental virus from replicating but also optimise the expression of difficult to express proteins.

Oxford Expression Technologies Product Range:
  • BacPAK6 Linear Baculovirus Expression Kits – BacPAK6 linear baculovirus expression kit is the original, convenient, highly efficient reagent for generating recombinant viruses.
  • baculoQUANT All-In-One Virus Titration Kit – OET has teamed up with Agilent Technologies to introduce a revolutionary qPCR-based, baculovirus titration kit – baculoQUANT All-In-One. By utilising qPCR, it is possible to accurately establish viral titres from large numbers of budded virus stocks in a number of hours.
  • titrePLUS Expression Vectors and Titration KittitrePLUS is a convenient and cost-effective package of our flashBAC™ DNA and baculoQUANT All-In-One titration kit.
  • baculoFECTIN II Transfection ReagentsbaculoFECTIN II is a novel nanoparticle-based transfection reagent specifically developed and optimised for the transfection of insect cells.
  • pOET Baculovirus Transfer Vectors – OET’s range of baculovirus transfer vectors are designed for high level expression of foreign genes in both insect and mammalian cell lines. Our pOET transfer plasmids are ideal for use with the flashBAC™ and BacPAK6 baculovirus expression systems but are also fully compatible with other homologous recombination technologies.
  • baculoCOMPLETE Baculovirus Expression KitbaculoCOMPLETE is the only all-in-one baculovirus expression kit that provides everything you need to get started with recombinant baculovirus protein expression.