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End User Agreements


Qualitative and quantitative products containing reference strains derived from international culture collections

Microbiologics® specialises in ready to use lyophilised reference stock cultures and enumerated microorganism preparations for microbiology laboratories.

Below is the range of products available from Microbiologics:

Epower CRM™ EZ-CFU™ One Step KWIK-STIK™ Plus
EZ-Accu Shot™ EZ-PEC™ Lab-Elite™ CRM
EZ-Accu Shot™ Select EZ-SPORE™ LYFO DISK™


Reference Strains

Qualitative Reference Strains: KWIK-STIK are available in 2/pk and 6/pk and the KWIK-STIK Plus is available in 5/pk. The Lab-Elite CRM is in the form of a single KWIK-STIK. The LYFO-DISK is available in a vial of 6 lyophylised pellets.

Quantitative Reference Strains: All the products prefaced with “EZ-” and both the Epower and Epower CRM are enumerated reference strain preparations.


Purchasing Reference Strains: Microbiologics® offer more than 850 microorganism strains derived from well-known culture collections from around the world including ATCC®, NCIMB, NCTC and more, however, in order to be able to offer microorganisms from these culture collections, Microbiologics® has entered into agreements with the owners of these culture collections. This requires the end users (ie customers) to agree to the terms of use by signing the appropriate agreements, before BioNovus Life Sciences can supply product to the end user.

For registration purposes, users will need to complete and sign both of following agreements before they can purchase any of the products containing the reference strains sourced from the various culture collections:

  • ATCC Licensed Derivative® Program*
  • Microbiologics® License and Supply Agreement**

Further information on both of these agreements can be found at the bottom of the page.


Trademarks – Microbiologics® Trademarks: EZ-SPORE™, EZ-CFU™, EZ-PEC™, EZ-FPC™, Epower™, EZ-Accu Shot™, KWIK-STIK™, KWIK-QC™, Lab-Elite™ are trademarks of Microbiologics, Inc. Microbiologics® and LYFO DISK® are registered trademarks of Microbiologics, Inc.