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Purified jellyfish collagen for tissue engineering research, cell culture & biochemistry

Jellagen® is a unique native collagen structure derived from jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo), an evolutionary ancient chemical lineage and the root of all collagens. Thanks to the simple nature of jellyfish, Jellagen® is a pure and native form of collagen offering unique characteristics.

What makes jellyfish collagen a better choice?

Features Benefits
Next Generation biomaterial for 2D and 3D cell culture • ISO13485 certified manufacturing process
• Non-mammalian and BSE and disease vector free.
• Non-Cytotoxic
• Cleaner in terms of non-specific miRNA content compared to mammalian collagen.
• Bioresorbable and Biocompatible.
Batch to batch consistency • A highly purified collagen.
• Offers improved research productivity allowing security of product consistency and reproducible results.
Next generation collagen Evolutionary ancient chemistry – The root of all Collagens with 600 million years of evolution.
Multiple applications • Regenerative medicine
• Tissue engineering
• Electrospinning
• 3D porous structures
• Gels
Universal collagen scaffold Jellyfish collagen characteristics are Type-I “Like”, Type-II “Like” and Type V “Like”
Cost effective Jellagen® is cost effective compared to mammalian collagens.
Ethically sourced raw materials 0% by-catch and unlike other “marine” collagens derived from fish species, offers zero impact on human feed stock supplies.

Purified jellyfish collagen is available in the following formats:

Research Grade Collagen

This product can be purchased as either a 0.3% and 0.6% (3mg/ml and 6mg/ml) solution of jellyfish collagen in 0.1M acetic acid. It is intended to produce (dried) thin layer coatings on tissue culture plates/flasks to facilitate attachment of anchorage dependent cells. This self coating collagen solution can be used for all existing collagen protocols and applications. It has also been tested in 2D culture with mammalian and human primary cells to verify it is applicable for routine laboratory cell culture research. Jellyfish collagen offers Type I “Like” and Type II “Like” scaffold properties.


Collagen Coated Tissue Culture Plates

Improved results in promotion of adhesion, growth and ifferentiation. 96 well cultureware plates coated with jellyfish collagen, suitable for cell culture research purposes.  The grade of Jellagen® jellyfish collagen used to coat this cultureware has been tested to verify its applicability for routine cell culture research using human primary and iPSC-derived cell lines. Jellagen® Jellyfish collagen has been shown to promote cellular attachment and proliferation.

3D Scaffolds for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering

Jellagen® 3D Scaffolds offer the potential for cells to possess a natural tissue-like structure offering better function in a more physiologically relevant manner. Jellagen® 3D Scaffolds create a 3D cell culture environment that enables cells to maintain their in vivo morphology, behaviour and responsiveness within an in vitro model system. The porous network within the sponge allows for efficient nutrient uptake and increased surface area for cell attachment and migration.

Jellagen®-Hydro Kit

Is a 3D Cell Culture System which system uses a patented and optimised jellyfish collagen to create a realistic cellular environment to study cells’ complex behaviour. The Jellagen-Hydro Kit is a simple-to-use 3D cell culture system that enables the production of robust, reproducible 3D cultures in less than an hour. Jellagen®-Hydro Kit contains collagen, cross linker and protocol for rapid gelling.