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Bioconjugations made simple, reliable, efficient and easy to use

Expedeon (formerly Innova Biosciences) developes and manufactures a range of bioconjugation products specifically designed to couple two molecules together to form a hybrid molecule called the ‘conjugate’. The molecule being conjugated is typically a polypeptide eg antibodies, peptides, proteins, enzymes etc.

Expedeon’s Lightning-Link® and imm-Link™ Immunogen Linking kits are one-step coupling methods which significantly simplifies the production of conjugates which are routinely used in research and immunodiagnostic applications.

  • Western Blotting (WB)
  • Enzyme Immunoassays (EIA)
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • FRET Immunofluorescence
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Immunogen Conjugation

Expedeon also offers exclusive services for optimising the performance of conjugates and for the development of more sensitive immunodiagnostic assays.

The Expedeon range of bioconjugation products:

Antibody & Protein Labelling Kits:

  • Lightning Link
  • Thunder -Link PLUS

Particles & Particle Conjugation:

  • Colloidal Gold
  • InnovaCoat GOLD
  • InnovaCoat GOLD Conjugates
  • Latex Conjugation Kits
  • Europium Conjugation Kits
  • Magnetic Conjugation Kits
  • Universal Lateral Flow Kit


  • FlexLISA Kits


  • Streptavidin Conjugates

Conjugation Confirmation Kits:

  • Check&Go! Kits

Alternative Conjugation:

  • Maleimide Activated Labels & Thiol Kits

Antibody Expression:

  • imm-Link Immunogen Preparation Kits

Antiboby Purification:

  • Affinity Resins & Purification Kits

Phosphate Detection Reagents:

  • ATPase & GTPase assay kits