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June 2013 Issue
Special Offers and NEW Products:
20% OFF the list prices of flashBAC Baculovirus Protein Expression Vectors.

For information ALL on current  Special Offers and NEW Products, then Click here...
Novel GFP and RFP Binding Reagents
Unique Nano-Trap technology for functional and biochemical stidues of fluorescent proteins Go to ChromoTek website
GFP-Trap® and RFP-Trap® offer and high quality, single domain GFP/RFP-binding protein coupled to a matrix
Nano-Trap technology uses the single variable domain fragment (VHL) of heavy chain antibodies (hcAbs) from camilidea which have been coupled to a monovalent matrix. VHL's are the smallest intact antigen binding fragments (~13kDa).
ChromoTek has produced the GFP-Trap® and RFP-Trap®, which are a novel high quality system for the fast, reliable and efficient one-step isolation of fluorescent fusion proteins and their interacting factors.
To learn more about GFP-Trap® and RFP-Trap®, then please Click here...
Produce your own Oligo-antibody conjugates
NEW Thunder-Link® Oligonucleotide Conjugation Kits
Go to Innova Biosciences website
Directly conjugate antibodies or Gold 40nm nanoparticles with Thunder-Link® Oligonucleotide conjugation kits.
The next generation of immunoassay reagents are being engineered through linking oligonucleotides to antibodies.

Oligonucleotides conjugated with gold nanoparticles have arisen as next generation materials for biological sensing as well as bottom-up nanotechnologies based on the base pairing principle.
To learn more about Thunder-Link® Oligonucleotide Conjugation products, then Click here...
Produce your own DyLight® labelled antibodies in just 20 minutes!
Lightning-Link® Rapid Antibody Labelling Kits now with DyLight® Go to Innova Biosciences website
Now available with 10 of the most popular DyLight® fluorescent dyes: 350, 405, 488, 550, 594, 633, 650, 680, 755 and 800
The Lightning-Link Rapid Process - simply add purified antibody to the lyophilised mixture and in 20 Minutes, the antibody is labelled and ready for use:
To learn more about Lightning-Link Rapid® Antibody Labelling Kits, then please Click here....
DyLight®is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and its subsidiaries.
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