Oxford Expression Technologies Technical Literature
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This is where you can download Oxford Expression Technologies technical literature
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Below is a selection of the available literature on the Oxford Expression Technologies range of products. If you cannot find the information you are after, please either contact BioNovus Life Sciences or visit the Oxford Expression Technologies website.
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Description Size File2 Description Size File2
Product Literature/Data Sheets Product Literature/Data Sheets
The Science of Baculovirus Expression - Overview Brochure 314KB Download Product Sheet pOET2 Transfer Plasmid Data Sheet 221KB Download Information Sheet
flashBAC One-Step Protein Expression 233KB Download Data Sheet pOET3 Transfer Plasmid Data Sheet 220KB Download Information Sheet
flashBACGOLD Enhanced Yields for Difficult to Express Proteins 73KB Download Data Sheet pOET4 Transfer Plasmid Data Sheet 88KB Download Information Sheet
flashBACULTRA Superior Expression and Yield 72KB Download Data Sheet pOET1C_6xHis Transfer Plasmid Data Sheet 160KB Download Information Sheet
baculoQUANT One-Step Titration Kit 211KB Download Data Sheet pOET1N_6xHis Transfer Plasmid Data Sheet 165KB Download Information Sheet
titrePLUS All-in-one Baculovirus Expression and Titration 212KB Download Data Sheet pOET2C_6xHis Transfer Plasmid Data Sheet 162KB Download Information Sheet
List of 3rd party transfer vectors which are compatible with flashBAC system
30KB Download Data Sheet pOET2N/C_6xHis Transfer Plasmid Data Sheet 165KB Download Information Sheet
baculoFECTIN Transfection Reagent Overview
185KB Download Data Sheet pOET Sequencing Primers Data Sheet 137KB Download Information Sheet
baculoGROW Insect Cell Medium Data Sheet 70KB Download Information Sheet superSf9 Cells Data Sheet 47KB Download Information Sheet
pOET1 and pOET2 Transfer Plasmids Overview 183KB Download Data Sheet Sf9 Cells Data Sheet
78KB Download Information Sheet
pOET1 Transfer Plasmid Data Sheet 213KB Download Information Sheet    
Research Licences Research Licences
flashBAC Licence 24KB Download Licence baculoQUANT Licence 24KB Download Licence
flashBACGOLD Licence 87KB Download Licence titrePLUS Licence 93KB Download Licence
flashBACULTRA Licence 76KB Download Licence    
Protocols Protocols
flashBAC Quick Start Guide 50KB Download Quick Start Guide baculoQUANT Quick Start Guide 112KB Download Quick Start Guide
flashBAC One-Step Protein Expression User Guiide 2.0MB Download Protocol baculoQUANT One-Step Titration Kit 539KB Download Protocol
baculoFECTIN Transfection Reagent
471KB Download Protocol baculoFECTIN II Transfection Reagent 381KB Download Protocol
flashFECTIN Transfection Reagent 443KB Download Protocol      
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
flashBAC MSDS 168KB Download MSDS pOET1 MSDS 172KB Download pOET1 MSDS
flashBACGOLD MSDS 169KB Download MSDS pOET2 MSDS 173KB Download pOET2 MSDS
flashBACULTRA MSDS 1629KB Download MSDS pOET3 MSDS 173KB Download pOET3 MSDS
baculoQUANT MSDS 166KB Download MSDS pOET4 MSDS 62KB Download pOET3 MSDS
titrePLUS MSDS 168KB Download MSDS    
Note 1: Additional technical literature and information are available on the  Go to Oxford Expression Technologies website  website
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