Microbiologics - Products and Applications
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Microbiologics range of Lyophilised Reference Cultures, Enumerated Reference Cultures and Microscopy Reference Slides and Parasite Suspensions:
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Microbiologics® specialises in ready to use lyophilised reference stock cultures and enumerated microorganism preparations for microbiology laboratories. Choose from more than 800 microorganism strains derived from well known culture collections from around the world including ATCC®, NCIMB, NCTC and more.
By clicking on the  next to "Price List" under the  "Product/Applications Areas and Prices" links below, you will be taken to "Online Ordering" and a list of all Microbiologics products will be generated within the selected "Product/Application Area". From there the search can be further refined by selecting a "Product Group" and clicking on "Guided Search".

Alternatively, go directly to Online Ordering for a list of all Microbiologics products which can then be similarly searched by "Application Area" and then by "Product Group".

The SITE SEARCH function, at left, can also be used to find products. Enter the  product code or a full or a partial description of a product and click on "Seach". A list of ALL products within the Online Ordering database containing the item code or word(s) and/or keyword entered will be generated.
How to find a microorganism by its culture collection reference number:
By using the "SITE SEARCH" feature on the left of the screen, you can easily find a microorganism by its reference number. Simply enter just the reference number eg 12457, select "Product List" and click on "SEARCH". In this case, the "SITE SEARCH" will generate a list of three products containing Acinetobacter baumannii NCIMB 12457.
Which Microbiologics product to choose for your industry or application?
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To purchase Microbiologics® products, you must register and agree to the terms of use of either or both of the following program(s):
Go to information on ATCC Licensed Derivative Program ATCC Licensed Derivative Program*
Go to MicroBioLogics License and Supply Program Microbiologics® License and Supply Program**
Microbiologics introduces NEW labelling of products which are both brightly coloured and easy to read:
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Pricing and Availability: A$ Prices are on this website, alternatively, please contact us for prices and availability on any of the Microbiologics' range of products.
Go to Product/Application Areas Product/Application Areas and Prices
Specific Product/Application Areas
Go to Lyophilised Reference Stock Cultures Lyophilised Reference Cultures
Go to Enumerated Lyophilised Microorganism Preparations Enumerated Lyophilised Microorganism Preparations
Go to Microbiology Quality Control Slides for Microscopy Microbiology Quality Control Slides for Microscopy and Parasite Suspensions
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Featured Application
Go to Feature on Modified Hodge Test Microorganisms Now Available for Modified Hodge Test
Literature and Technical Requests
Download: Microbiologics Quality Control Microorganisms EZ - Product Reference Guide
(Click on image to begin download - 1.05MB)
Download EZ-Product Reference Guide
Download Microbiologics Technical Literature Download Microbiologics® Technical Literature
Technical Literature Request Request Technical Literature
Latest News from Microbiologics®
August 2014 - Microbiologics released the EZ-Hydro shot™, a quanitative microorganism range specifically for Water Testing.
Go to Information on EZ-Accu Shot For more information on EZ-Hydro Shot
For detailed information, go to the Microbiologics® website:
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Product/Application Areas and Prices Product Groups
Lyophilised Reference Stock Cultures
Go to list of Single Microorgansims Single Microorganisms - Price List
Go to list of Sets of Microorganisms Sets of Microorganisms - Price List
Lyophilised Microorganisms:
Certified Reference Materials:
Single Microorganisms:
Other Products:
  Cepheid® (KWIK-STIK™)
Sets of Microorganisms:
Enumerated Lyophilised Microorganism Preparations
Go to list of Enumerated Lyophilised Microorganisms Price List
Enumerated Preparations:
Quantitative/Qualitative Challenge Testing:
  Epower™ CRM (See note)
Growth Promotion Testing:
  EZ-Accu Shot™ and
EZ-Accu Shot™ Select
  EZ-CFU™ One Step
Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing:
Food  Process Controls and Spoilage Testing:
Water Testing:
  EZ-Hydro Shot™
Note: CRM - Certified Reference Material  
Microbiology Quality Control Slides for Microscopy and Parasite Suspensions
Go to list of Slides for Microscopy and Parasite Suspensions Price List
Quality Control Slides for Microscopy and Parasite Suspensions:
  Microbiology QC Slides
  Parasite Suspensions
* The ATCC Licensed Derivative Emblem, the ATCC Licensed Derivative word mark, and the ATCC catalog marks are trademarks of ATCC. Microbiologics, Inc. is licensed to use these trademarks and to sell products derived from ATCC® cultures.
** Microbiologics® and Microbiologics® Licensed and Supply Program are registered trademarks of Microbiologics, Inc. St Cloud, MN, USA
    LYFO DISK® is a registered trademark of Microbiologics, Inc. St Cloud, MN, USA. Lab-Elite™, KWIK-STIK™, KWIK-STIK™ Plus, Lab-Elite™, EZ-Accu Shot™, EZ-CFU™, EZ-CFU™ One Step, EZ-FPC™, EZ-PEC™, Epower™ and EZ-SPORE™ are trademarks of Microbiologics, Inc in the United States and other countries
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