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Special Offers and New Products
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Below is the latest Special Offers, NEW Products and FEATURED Products from our Suppliers:
NEW Products from our Suppliers
Go to ChromoTek websiteChromoTek have recently released a number of new products:
NEW NanoTraps:
p53 C-term-Trap and p53 N-term-Trap, Myc-Trap® and MBP-Trap (MBP - maltose binding protein), which further expands their range of unique products for the study of proteins.
NEW Chromobody:
Vimentin-Chromobody® is a new tool for detection of vimentin cytoskeleton in live cells which facilitates real-time analyses of endogenous vimentin in a physiological context.
NEW Nano-Booster:
Vimentin-Booster for immunostaining of vimentin intermediate filaments in fixed cells. Vimentin-Booster consists of a vimentin-specific alpaca antibody domain conjugated to the fluorescent dye ATTO 488.
Go to ChromoTek Products and Applications ChromoTek Products and Applications
Go to Oxford Expression Technologies websiteOxford Expression Technologies has expanded its range of products for baculovirus protein expression. New products include:
flashBAC™ Selection Boxes
96 Reaction flashBAC™ Kits
Go to Oxford Expression Technologies NEW Products NEW Products from Oxford Expression Technologies
FREE Samples of Lightning-Link® Kits
Go to Innova Biosciences websiteFor a limited time in conjunction with Innova Biosciences, we are pleased to offer free samples of three Lightning-Link® kits. Each sample kit contains enough reagents to label 10µg of antibody, and also included is a vial of BSA Removal Buffer. Please see below for the terms and conditions of this free sample offer and on how you can request your free sample of Lightning-Link® and BSA Removal Buffer.
NEW Products from our Suppliers
Go to Innova Biosciences websiteInnova Biosciences has expanding its range of products the directly labelling of antibodies and other biomolecules. New products include:
LATEX Bead Conjugation - available in black, red and blue 400nm latex bead conjugation kits
InnovaCoat® Gold Conjugation - 10nm, 20nm, 40nm, 60nm and 80nm  "conjugation friendly" gold nano-particle conjugation kits
Lightning-Link® Rapid Antibody Labelling Kits
DyLight® labels now available on Lightning-Link® Rapid Antibody Labelling Kits
Go to Innova Biosciences NEW Products NEW Products from Innova Biosciences
Go to Microbiologics websiteMicrobiologics continues to expand its range of microorganism preparations for laboratory quality control. Over 800 reference strains are now available. New products include:
EZ-Hydro Shot™ - ready-to-use quantitative QC microorganism product designed specifically for water quality testing.
Epower™ Certified Reference Material (CRM) - quantitative lyophylised microorganisms
Go to Microbiologics Products and Applications Micobiologics Products and Applications
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Featured Products
Go to Crosstex Sterilisation Products website
Go to Hyrogen Peroxide Biological Indicators Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Biological Indicators
Go to Oxford Biomedical Research website
Go to Xxidative Stress Feature Oxidative Stress Feature
Go to OBR Vascular Biology Featured Products Vascular Biology Feature
Featured Products
Go to Oxford Genetics website 
Go to Oxford Genetics Products and Applications Assemble the plasmid you need from the Oxford Genetics catalogue of over 1,500 plasmids. All of the plasmids from Oxford Genetics are based on the same backbone, allowing the construction of any plasmid using the thousands of pre-made DNA components
Go to ProSpec website
Go to ProSpec Products and Applications An extensive range of recombinant Cytokines, Chemokines, Growth Factors, Neurotrophins, CD Antigens and related products
FREE Samples of Lightning-Link® Kits
Terms and Conditions of Lightning-Link FREE Sample Offer:
The three available sample kits are:
  Lightning-Link Rapid Biotin A Conjugation and BSA Removal Buffer
  Lightning-Link HRP Conjugation and BSA Removal Buffer
  Lightning-Link R-PE Conjugation and BSA Removal Buffer
Terms and Conditions of Sample Offer:
  Free samples only available for new customers of Lightning-Link®
  Only one sample kit per person.
  Packing, handling and delivery charge of $35.00 (ex GST) per free sample kit will apply. (Note: Only applies to Australian customers with delivery addresses within mainland Australia or within Tasmania).
  Refunds for shipping costs will not apply if dissatisfied with kit.
  Purchase of any standard list price Lightning-Link® kit within three months of receiving the sample kit, and it will be sent with free shipping (Note: The normal "Minimum packing handling and shipping charge per order is $40.00 ex GST").
To requests your free sample, please email us with your request
Look for the ATCC Licensed Derivative Emblem® for products derived from ATCC® cultures.
Epower™ and EZ-Hydro Shot™ are trademarks of Microbiologics, Inc in the United States and other countries
DyLight® is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and its subsidiaries.
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